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Not all our sub-clubs are sport, some are more a social club.

Scroll down the page to learn more about our sub-clubs and how they work at Hoppers Club!

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Other Presidents

Vietnam Vets     Glen Smith

Netball    Nicky Elliot

Golf    Mick Dunne

Bowls    Steve Bartlett




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Below is a message from the Hoppers Club General Manager, Michael Lewis.

Isn’t it about time you

made our Club Your Club?

The sub-clubs at Hoppers Club cover a vast array of different sports and activities.  Some of our groups are high competition focused clubs like Netball and Swimming, then there are our more social focused clubs like our Social Travel Club and our All Abilities Carpet Bowls Club.

If you are thinking of joining a sub-club then we recommend you visit the sub-club information page on this website for the sub-club you are interested in.  On that page you will find out more about the sub-club, when they meet, what they charge to join and how to get involved.

Every sub-club is different, they all charge different joining fees, they all get together at different times and at different places, they all have different types of participants and most have different goals.

So we highly recommend you look over the different sub-clubs pages here to ensure you find the right one sub-club for what you want to achieve.

If you are looking for some information which isn’t here then please feel free to contact our friendly Hoppers Club Office Staff anytime on (03) 9749 4844.

Micheal Lewis, Hoppers Club General Manager

How to join sub-clubs 2

Below is the most common Q&A’s.  Our sub-club managers are happy to answer your queries directly, if you visit their pages you will find a contact number to phone them on.  You are always welcome to call the Hoppers Club direct on (03) 9749 4844 if you have any further queries.

What is a Sub-Club?

A sub-club is a “club” within a “club”.  So it’s a club of Hoppers Club, and the reason it is called a sub-club, rather than a group, is because it has a formal president, a treasurer, a committee and they hold annual meetings to discuss their budget and projections for the following year.  As a member you will be asked to vote on matters at the annual meeting, and you welcome to apply to join the committee yourself if you want to.

Sub-clubs are really a club themselves, however, they have created an alliance with Hoppers Club, most likely for a “home base” for their club to meet and sometimes play.

To join a sub-club of Hoppers Club, you must first join Hoppers Club, which is an annual charge of $10.

Can anyone join a sub-club?

Yes providing you meet their age requirements, and you are a paid member of the Hoppers Club.  You should enquire directly with the sub-club you wish to join as to what is involved, the cost and what forms you need to fill out.

Do I have to be a member of Hoppers Club to join a sub-club?

Yes you have to be a paid member of the Hoppers Club before you can join a sub-club.

Are there financial benefits to being a member of a sub-club?

Yes, as a member of a sub-club you will be entitled to a 5% discount off your meals at the Hoppers Club bistro & cafe.

Who do I pay if I want to join a sub-club?

You pay the manager of the sub-club directly.

Do I have to book a ticket to go along to a sub-club meet up?

You should check with your sub-club manager as to what is the usual arrangement for sub-club meet ups.

Hoppers Club Venue Enquiries

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see below sporting sub clubs NEWS

Below is the latest our sporting sub-club managers’ recent blog posts with the most recent at the top.  Our sporting sub-club managers regularly update their sub-club pages with updates advising their members of what’s been happening, what’s coming up and general information about their sub-club industry/sport.   Remember our sporting sub-clubs also have many social aspects to their sub-club, however, they are predominantly involved in regulated competitions on a weekly basis.  Simply click on the boxes below if you wish to read more about any Hoppers Club sporting sub-clubs…

Social Bowls Results December 15

SOCIAL BOWLS RESULTS THURSDAY 15 December 2016   WINNERS M. Landherr(S), D. Ring, I. Whyte 2 Games +8 shots RUNNERS UP G. Allen(S), S. Snowden, R. Palma 2 Games + 7 shots THIRD PLACE I. Harvey(S), F. Mongey, L. Toll, P. Timberlake 1 Game +4...

Mid Week pennant Results December 13

MID WEEK PENNANT RESULTS  December 13   DIV 1 SECT 1 (TEAM 1)  Altona (2) 15/56 def Hoppers (1) 1/49 DIV 2 SECT 1 (TEAM 2)  Hoppers (2) 14/70 def Sunshine City (1) 2/42 DIV 4 SECT 1 (TEAM 3)  Hoppers (3) 14/67 def Yarraville/Footscray (2)...

Pennant Results December 17

SATURDAY PENNANT RESULTS Round 10 17 December 2016   DIV 3 SECT 1 (TEAM 1) Hopper (1) 16/76 def Altona (3) 2/70 DIV 3 SECT 2 (TEAM 2) Hoppers (2) 18/104 def Preston/Reservoir (2) 0/45 DIV 4 SECT 1 (TEAM 3) Hoppers (3) 15/93 def Laverton (1) 3/73 DIV 6 SECT 1 (TEAM 4) Deer Park (4) 14/83 def Hoppers (4) 4/71 DIV 6 SECT 2 (TEAM 5) West Coburg (3) 14/94 def Hoppers (5) 4/71 DIV 7 SECT 1 (TEAM 6)...



see below social sub clubs NEWS

Some of our sub-clubs are more social than competitive.  We class these sub-clubs as “social” so people joining them realise that it is not about competitions for everyone in the club, however, many social sub clubs are also in competitions from time to time.  Our socially focused sub-club managers regularly update their sub-club pages with updates advising of what they have been doing, what they have planned and general information about their sub-club sport/industry.   Simply click on the boxes below if you wish to read more about these sub-clubs…

A Day on the Bellarine Sunday June 18, 2017

A Day on the Bellarine    On Sunday the 18th June saw 33 members have a leisurely drive to Queenscliff arriving at 10 am having morning tea from the bus.  At 10.50am we had a tour of Fort Queenscliff this was to be for 90 minutes we could have spent another hour as there was so much to see especially in the museum. Lunch was at Vue Grande, having a 2-course meal. We had fish and chips alternated with roast pork and vegetables followed by chocolate parfait with berry coulis for dessert.  We had free time to browse the shops leaving for home at 4pm. A great day was had by all and thanks goes to Daryl for organising a great day. Thank you Pauline...

Trivia Sunday July 16th, 2017

74 people attend the afternoon for Trivia. Well what can I say about the afternoon……  It was a fun afternoon of Trivia. It was run by a company called “Quizzame”. There were 4 rounds of questions with multiple choice answers, there were no pen and pieces of paper in sight as each table had a small gadget that was used to answer the questions with.  We also had a game of heads and tails with which we had to answer the questions with either hands on your heads for yes and hands of your bottom for no.  The team that won the afternoon of trivia was “Sunbrites”. There were eight ladies on this table each winning a bottle of wine and a $25 venue voucher. Congratulations to those ladies. We also had reverse bingo for $5 a number, with 2 lots of the same numbers being sold with the last number left was the winner which meant there were 2 winners for each prize. The first number out received a prize then progressively each  number was drawn until there were only the last 3 numbers with each winning a prize. The  prizes are listed below Congratulations goes to all the winners of the reverse bingo. Last place: wooden spoon & chocs                3rd place: $20 & chocs 2nd place:   $50 & chocs 1st place: Raelene Wilson & Pauline Lethborg            $100 & chocs We also had a game of “Blast from the Past” which we had to name the people that were pictured and some of them were hard to recognize. There was a door prize, lucky bamboo plant and 2 bottles of wine Now massive thanks must go to...

Maru Koala & Animal Park – April 9th, 2017

32 Member departed the Hoppers Club on Sunday 9th April bound for the Maru Koala & Animal Park at Grantville, our first stop was at the Akoonah Market in Berwick after an hour of browsing the market with people making purchases we left for the Maru, a Koala and Animal Park.  We arrived at Maru and after confirming our admission we received a talk about Koalas given to us by one of the staff members Renae.  We then had free time to browse around but had to meet for lunch at 12.30pm.  Where we had a beautiful 3 course meal. After lunch, some off our members decided to brave the elements and played pirate mini golf which everyone enjoyed even those that played during the rain showers. We boarded the bus at 3.45pm for our trip home and it started raining which continued most of the trip home. Thanks goes to Robyn and Brian for their quick thinking and changing the venue for this trip which was a remarkable...

Healesville – March 19, 2017

Healesville – March 19, 2017 We had an 8.10am departure with 44 members on board, we arrived at the Healesville Sanctuary 9.45 am at. Were we had morning tea from the bus. We had 2 hours to roam around the Sanctuary. Everybody would have loved a bit more time to look around, as there is so much to do and see there. We left the Healesville Sanctuary at 12 noon for lunch at the Olinda Creek Hotel, for a very nice two coarse lunch. After lunch, we set of to the “The Biggest Lolly Shop in the World” at Westmeadows, where some of our members took the opportunity to purchase some last minute Easter eggs, and of course, those with a sweet tooth purchased some of their favourite lollies. At around 4 pm we left to make our way home, arriving at the club by 5pm. A big thank you goes to Lyn for organizing this lovely...

Melbourne Star February 2017

February Trip Melbourne Star Sunday 19, 2017 Departed the Hoppers Club at 8.30am departure. We arrived in St Kilda market for morning tea from the bus. After about 2 hrs browsing the market we left for lunch at Pier 35 in Port Melbourne for a beautiful 3 course lunch, which consisted of a shared tapas platter for entrée with 4 choices for mains, gnocchi, chicken parmigiana, risotto or fish and chips ending with alternating desserts of churros (Spanish donuts) and cheesecake. After lunch we headed of to the Melbourne Star. We had 2 pods booked which accommodate 20 people each, they are quite roomy with plenty of room to walk around but there were a few people that looked green. After the ride on the Star we had some time to browse the shops leaving for the Hoppers Club at 4.30pm. A big thank you goes to Robyn and Natalina for organising this trip....

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