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Our Social Travel Sub-Club is open to everyone to join.  We have a monthly local outing and a major trip once a year.  We put a lot of effort into ensuring our social group get the best value for money for our trips. 

When we put a social outing our team ensure all costs are covered in your one price to come along.

We also hold an annual Christmas Dinner Party with 4 courses, drinks, live entertainment and a large Christmas tree.  Everyone at Hoppers Club is welcome to attend our dinner event in December.


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Shepparton August 13, 2017

August Trip – Shepparton    August 13, 2017 We had 46 members met at the Hoppers Club, we departed at 7.30am for Shepparton. We had morning tea at Nagambie at with a very nice cake made by Raelene Wilson. We arrived at Kialla at the Emerald Bank Leisure land where the Shepparton Motor Museum and we were given a tour of the museum, a lot of the vehicles were on loan from private collectors. We had lunch at Provender & Co which was in the same estate, could make our way there after browsing the shops. We left at 1.30pm. We made our way to Noorilim (Ngurai-illum) Estate, which is located between Nagambie and Murchison.  It has a historic mansion, gardens and vineyard on the estate. There were plenty art pieces hanging throughout the mansion and do I mean many.  In its 136-year history it has had 11 owners and is now owned by Rod Menzies who is a cleaning business tycoon and art auctioneer.  It boasts 10 bedrooms with 15 fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows giving you easy access to the veranda around the first floor of the mansion. On the way home, we arrived back at the club at app 5pm. Thanks goes to Raelene for organising this trip with a lot of work going into it. Thank you Pauline Lethborg...

Titanic September 15, 2017

September Trip – Titanic                             September 15, 2017   There was 62 members and guest who travel to Williamstown for a night out at the Titanic Theatre restaurant. We departed the Hoppers Club at 5.42pm. We arrived at the Titanic Restaurant at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.  We were welcomed by Fourth Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall who directed us to the steerage entrance. Well everyone knows the story of the Titanic but well we survived the trip and made it to New York. We were the only group there on the evening there was NO first-class passengers on this trip. At the start of the show there were people called up to be lifeboat leaders. Our lifeboat leaders for the evening were Wendy Bishop, Susan Vassallo, Robert Bradley, Steve Harris, Brian Copland, Susan Young (Hardwick clan) and myself.  We instructed on how put on our life vests and then we danced to Gangnam Style. There were several awards handed out on the evening. These are the ones that I can remember: Alan Smith was awarded the closest relative in name only to the captain Edward Smith. Merylene Banks was the most likely to be the captains partner… Brian Copland for staying the most level headed in time of crisis, Robyn Dawe for the golly gee I hope this voyage goes well tonight Sandra Di Rosa being the person still playing the piano as the ship was going down, Ron Monro for being Leonardo Di Caprio’s character, Jack and Carol Sopers for being Kate Winslet’s character, Rose.  After the awards, we were given a show by Jack & Rose and was it funny.  They had to wear...
A Day on the Bellarine    Sunday  June 18, 2017

A Day on the Bellarine Sunday June 18, 2017

A Day on the Bellarine    On Sunday the 18th June saw 33 members have a leisurely drive to Queenscliff arriving at 10 am having morning tea from the bus.  At 10.50am we had a tour of Fort Queenscliff this was to be for 90 minutes we could have spent another hour as there was so much to see especially in the museum. Lunch was at Vue Grande, having a 2-course meal. We had fish and chips alternated with roast pork and vegetables followed by chocolate parfait with berry coulis for dessert.  We had free time to browse the shops leaving for home at 4pm. A great day was had by all and thanks goes to Daryl for organising a great day. Thank you Pauline...

Trivia Sunday July 16th, 2017

74 people attend the afternoon for Trivia. Well what can I say about the afternoon……  It was a fun afternoon of Trivia. It was run by a company called “Quizzame”. There were 4 rounds of questions with multiple choice answers, there were no pen and pieces of paper in sight as each table had a small gadget that was used to answer the questions with.  We also had a game of heads and tails with which we had to answer the questions with either hands on your heads for yes and hands of your bottom for no.  The team that won the afternoon of trivia was “Sunbrites”. There were eight ladies on this table each winning a bottle of wine and a $25 venue voucher. Congratulations to those ladies. We also had reverse bingo for $5 a number, with 2 lots of the same numbers being sold with the last number left was the winner which meant there were 2 winners for each prize. The first number out received a prize then progressively each  number was drawn until there were only the last 3 numbers with each winning a prize. The  prizes are listed below Congratulations goes to all the winners of the reverse bingo. Last place: wooden spoon & chocs                3rd place: $20 & chocs 2nd place:   $50 & chocs 1st place: Raelene Wilson & Pauline Lethborg            $100 & chocs We also had a game of “Blast from the Past” which we had to name the people that were pictured and some of them were hard to recognize. There was a door prize, lucky bamboo plant and 2 bottles of wine Now massive thanks must go to...
May Trip – Bright Autumn Festival      May 5-7, 2017

May Trip – Bright Autumn Festival May 5-7, 2017

  May Trip – Bright Autumn Festival     May 5-7, 2017 We departed the club on Friday with 26 members on board. Morning tea was at Wallan Service Centre where we enjoyed lemonade cupcakes with our cuppa. After a quick toilet stop at Glenrowan we arrived for lunch at the Red Stag Deer and Emu Farm.  The view was fantastic.  Here we have a 2-course lunch with tea/coffee.  Dan, whose family own the farm, gave us a talk about the farm.  After lunch, there was time to have a walk around the farm. We departed for Bright after a short drive we arrived at the Bright Motor Inn. We arranged for everybody to meet in the courtyard at 5pm for pre-dinner drinks.  Dinner was at Bistro Aliment,  the restaurant only opened the week before dinner was delicious!!!!  After dinner, a group of us went for a walk into town to walk of our dinner.  The group meet a young lady with a violin in hand and asked her to play a tune.  While she played for us we did a whip around and collected $15 for her and when we gave it to her she said, “are you serious”, then it was back to the Motel. Day 2 Breakfast was at 8 am, in the restaurant, after breakfast the day We walk into town to browse and shop and shop and shop then had morning tea at the bakery then more browsing. After lunch, we watched the parade which was “Living in the 90’s”.  Then we had 4 pm drinks and nibbles in the courtyard of the motel.  We played a game of “a girl’s name starting with A, B and...
Maru Koala & Animal Park – April 9th, 2017

Maru Koala & Animal Park – April 9th, 2017

32 Member departed the Hoppers Club on Sunday 9th April bound for the Maru Koala & Animal Park at Grantville, our first stop was at the Akoonah Market in Berwick after an hour of browsing the market with people making purchases we left for the Maru, a Koala and Animal Park.  We arrived at Maru and after confirming our admission we received a talk about Koalas given to us by one of the staff members Renae.  We then had free time to browse around but had to meet for lunch at 12.30pm.  Where we had a beautiful 3 course meal. After lunch, some off our members decided to brave the elements and played pirate mini golf which everyone enjoyed even those that played during the rain showers. We boarded the bus at 3.45pm for our trip home and it started raining which continued most of the trip home. Thanks goes to Robyn and Brian for their quick thinking and changing the venue for this trip which was a remarkable...
Healesville – March 19, 2017

Healesville – March 19, 2017

Healesville – March 19, 2017 We had an 8.10am departure with 44 members on board, we arrived at the Healesville Sanctuary 9.45 am at. Were we had morning tea from the bus. We had 2 hours to roam around the Sanctuary. Everybody would have loved a bit more time to look around, as there is so much to do and see there. We left the Healesville Sanctuary at 12 noon for lunch at the Olinda Creek Hotel, for a very nice two coarse lunch. After lunch, we set of to the “The Biggest Lolly Shop in the World” at Westmeadows, where some of our members took the opportunity to purchase some last minute Easter eggs, and of course, those with a sweet tooth purchased some of their favourite lollies. At around 4 pm we left to make our way home, arriving at the club by 5pm. A big thank you goes to Lyn for organizing this lovely...
Melbourne Star February 2017

Melbourne Star February 2017

February Trip Melbourne Star Sunday 19, 2017 Departed the Hoppers Club at 8.30am departure. We arrived in St Kilda market for morning tea from the bus. After about 2 hrs browsing the market we left for lunch at Pier 35 in Port Melbourne for a beautiful 3 course lunch, which consisted of a shared tapas platter for entrée with 4 choices for mains, gnocchi, chicken parmigiana, risotto or fish and chips ending with alternating desserts of churros (Spanish donuts) and cheesecake. After lunch we headed of to the Melbourne Star. We had 2 pods booked which accommodate 20 people each, they are quite roomy with plenty of room to walk around but there were a few people that looked green. After the ride on the Star we had some time to browse the shops leaving for the Hoppers Club at 4.30pm. A big thank you goes to Robyn and Natalina for organising this trip....
Trip to Phillip Island October 2016

Trip to Phillip Island October 2016

October Trip 2016 – Phillip Island Departed the Hoppers Club at 7.45am . Stop for a coffee break at the Officer Service Centre where we had morning tea.  We arrive at Vietnam Veterans Museum in New Haven we were given a talk about how the museum started in John and Krishna Methven’s garage in San Remo and moved to its present site in  late 2006, a 1 ¾ acres piece of land next to the Phillip Island airstrip. We started with a Holographic Light and Sound show and then had free time to browse the museum. We had lunch at Phillip Island RSL after lunch we went to Churchill Island Heritage Park at 2.15pm. We had 1 ½ hrs free time to roam the farm.  It is a 50.7 hectare island in Western Port and connected by a bridge to Phillip Island.  It is the site of the first European garden in Victoria.  It is a working farm with cottages dating from the 1960’s and a homestead dating from 1872 all fully restored and open to the public. We board the bus at 3.15pm to make our way home. It was a quiet trip home getting back to the club at approx. 6.30pm. Thanks goes to Raelene Wilson for organising this trip and a great day was had by all.    ...
Daylesford August 2016

Daylesford August 2016

We departed the Hoppers Club at 7.40 am with 44 people on board. We arrived at Daylesford at 9:00 amfor morning tea the members could have morning tea from the bus or have a coffee from the café at the market. After the market, it was onto the Daylesford Spa country railway where we boarded the historical train at 9:45 to Bullarto and back. A bit of history about the railway…. Over the past 23 years the Daylesford Spa Country Railway has restored the line between Daylesford and the terminus at Bullarto.  Except for a short distance past Bullarto and the yard at Trentham the remainder of the line was dismantled in 1988.  Three fully restored railmotors operate regular services between Daylesford and Bullarto every Sunday of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.  Lunch was at Royal Hotel in Daylesford where we had a 3 course meal of tomato soup with bread, fish & chips and roast pork and lemon tart with cream for dessert. After lunch we had time for a walk around town. We left there at 2.35pm for St Anne’s Winery in Myrniong.  After sampling and purchasing was done we boarded the bus to make our way back to the club arriving at 5pm.  A BIG thank you goes to Robyn and Brian for taking this on this trip at short notice trip. Thank you Pauline...


Where do you meet up?

We normally head out to our outing from our Hoppers Club head office at 180 Pannam Drive, Hoppers Crossing.  Ph: (03) 9748 4844.

How often do you go away?

We have monthly outings plus annual major trips which may include flying or a cruise.

Do I have to be a member to go on a trip?

Yes you have to be a member of the Hoppers Club and the Social Travel Group before you are permitted to come on the holidays.

What type of places do you go to?

Locally we visit all over Victoria with day trips.  Our big trips have been on cruises, New Zealand, Townsville and more.