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New Names on Hoppers Championship Trophies

New Names on Hoppers Championship Trophies

Congratulations Bobby Salvo The latest Hoppers Singles Champion   After a near faultless exhibition of pool on the day Bobby Salvo emerged the new singles Champion for 2017 a well deserved honour for his efforts; The Doubles Championship also went to newcomers Rod Cerone and Berkley Warrener who formed a formidable team that could not be beaten. Congratulations to all...
New Season Starts

New Season Starts

The 2018 season is under way. This year the competition has been broken up into two divisions in an effort to make the playing field a bit more even for the teams. in Division 1 there are seven teams, three from Hoppers comprising of the “Rattlers, Master-Baiters and Facecutters” from Altona Sports Club there are also three teams the “Chalkers, Assassins and Cueballs” and finally from the North Suburban Club the “Magic” to even up the fixture there is a bye round. In Division 2 there are eight teams five of them coming from Hoppers in The “Rebels”, “Sharks”, “Sharp Shooters”, “Wahine Toa” and the “Old Bastards” from Altona there are two teams the “Break Aways” and the “BB’s” and from North Suburban the “Knights” All is looking good for a great season of pool....

Shepparton August 13, 2017

August Trip – Shepparton    August 13, 2017 We had 46 members met at the Hoppers Club, we departed at 7.30am for Shepparton. We had morning tea at Nagambie at with a very nice cake made by Raelene Wilson. We arrived at Kialla at the Emerald Bank Leisure land where the Shepparton Motor Museum and we were given a tour of the museum, a lot of the vehicles were on loan from private collectors. We had lunch at Provender & Co which was in the same estate, could make our way there after browsing the shops. We left at 1.30pm. We made our way to Noorilim (Ngurai-illum) Estate, which is located between Nagambie and Murchison.  It has a historic mansion, gardens and vineyard on the estate. There were plenty art pieces hanging throughout the mansion and do I mean many.  In its 136-year history it has had 11 owners and is now owned by Rod Menzies who is a cleaning business tycoon and art auctioneer.  It boasts 10 bedrooms with 15 fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows giving you easy access to the veranda around the first floor of the mansion. On the way home, we arrived back at the club at app 5pm. Thanks goes to Raelene for organising this trip with a lot of work going into it. Thank you Pauline Lethborg...

Titanic September 15, 2017

September Trip – Titanic                             September 15, 2017   There was 62 members and guest who travel to Williamstown for a night out at the Titanic Theatre restaurant. We departed the Hoppers Club at 5.42pm. We arrived at the Titanic Restaurant at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.  We were welcomed by Fourth Officer Joseph Groves Boxhall who directed us to the steerage entrance. Well everyone knows the story of the Titanic but well we survived the trip and made it to New York. We were the only group there on the evening there was NO first-class passengers on this trip. At the start of the show there were people called up to be lifeboat leaders. Our lifeboat leaders for the evening were Wendy Bishop, Susan Vassallo, Robert Bradley, Steve Harris, Brian Copland, Susan Young (Hardwick clan) and myself.  We instructed on how put on our life vests and then we danced to Gangnam Style. There were several awards handed out on the evening. These are the ones that I can remember: Alan Smith was awarded the closest relative in name only to the captain Edward Smith. Merylene Banks was the most likely to be the captains partner… Brian Copland for staying the most level headed in time of crisis, Robyn Dawe for the golly gee I hope this voyage goes well tonight Sandra Di Rosa being the person still playing the piano as the ship was going down, Ron Monro for being Leonardo Di Caprio’s character, Jack and Carol Sopers for being Kate Winslet’s character, Rose.  After the awards, we were given a show by Jack & Rose and was it funny.  They had to wear...


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