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Our Baden’s Bistro is a hit with our members and guests because of its diverse menu choices, elegant comfortable bistro décor and ever friendly staff.  You and the whole family will enjoy our Bistro.


Baden’s Bistro is renowned for its quality menu which is crafted by our resident Head Chef Sid Haldikar as he has tailored the menus to suit our members of many tastes and needs. For example there are gluten free choices, meals for the kids and parents and all are delivered to your table in a timely manner. We regularly receive compliments for our menus.

Our most popular nights are Saturday nights and we think this is because families are often looking to go out and do something different on weekends with the kids. That coupled with fantastic prices (which are then even moreso advantageous for members who qualify for more discounts and bonuses) we are often booked out on Friday and Saturday nights.

We have no doubt our designated play area for the kids is a huge factor on our Baden’s Bistro success. This provides immense satisfaction for family units as they can sit and relax their dinner all the while being able to view their kids in the play area. As you can imagine everyone is happy with this arrangement

In addition to families, weekends also bring out many groups and small celebrations, 21st dinner parties, Mum & Dad’s Wedding anniversary, and so on.

So our advice is simple, if you want to come and enjoy our amazing Bistro on the weekend, our most popular nights, then please book ahead and we will ensure you are not disappointed, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Look out for a weekly raffles and prizes we also have during the week for members. If you’re not a member and would like to learn more about becoming a member for small set up fee, then CLICK HERE.

Alternatively why not view our MENUS for Baden’s Bistro OVER HERE.

Bookings are advisable for Baden’s Bistro…

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(03) 9749 4844


We are open 7 days a week

Monday to Thursday 9am to Midnight
Friday 9am to 1am
Saturday 9am to 2am
Sunday 11am to 11pm
Subject to Managers Discretion
Public Holidays - Vary