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Cafe Xpress180 has been a hit with our members and guests because of its diverse menu choices, our elegant comfortable bistro décor and ever friendly staff.

 The Cafe Xpress180 is a great alternative when the Bistro isn’t open and great for a quick meal anytime of the day or night.

We also do our best to cater for special diet requirements like vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.





Everything was perfect. 

Food was excellent.

Thank you to the Chef also for the children’s meal and the beverages were excellent.

Charlie & Maria Falzon

Club Members

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Our Cafe Xpress 180 is renowned for its quality menu which is crafted by our resident Head Chef Sid Haldikar as he has tailored the menus to suit our members of many tastes and needs.

Thanks for another great lunch with all of our family!

Jane D'Souza

Club Member

You can view all our menu here!


We just wanted to say thanks for making our special lunch orders at such short notice, we appreciate your extra effort for us, and the food was fantastic.  Thanks again.

Kerrie & Jim Cheffield

Club Members


Our most popular nights are Saturday nights and we think this is because families are often looking to go out and do something different on weekends with the kids. That coupled with fantastic prices (with member discounts and bonuses) we are often booked out on Friday and Saturday nights, so make sure you book ahead.

If you would like to get to know our Chef’s a bit better,

then see Chef’s Blog which is found on Chef’s Corner

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Bookings are always recommended!

Book Now!



We have no doubt our designated play area for the kids is a huge factor on our Baden’s Bistro success. This provides immense satisfaction for family units as they can sit and relax their dinner all the while being able to view their kids in the play area. As you can imagine everyone is happy with this arrangement.



In addition to families, weekends also bring out many groups and small celebrations, 21st dinner parties, Mum & Dad’s Wedding anniversary, and so on. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.



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