Code of Conduct  for Hoppers Club 4


The Responsible Gambler:

Is in control
Sees gambling as entertainment, not a job
Doesn’t take gambling too seriously
Only gambles with the money set aside for entertainment,

not for household essentials
Never borrows money to gamble
Sets limits on the amount of time and money they will spend
Sticks to these limits and walks away when they are reached
Doesn’t chase losses
Takes frequent breaks

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Hoppers Club is committed to providing a safe and family focused venue.  We want our customers and members to enjoy their time at our venue, whilst not succumbing to a negative experience from gambling or drinking.  

We want to assist you in making right decisions for your gambling and drinking and we can provide you with recommendations on how to get help if you are not coping with either.

Hoppers Club is keen to share the responsibility with the relevant industry, government, community and individual if a customer or member is in need of support.

We actively support the promotion and encouragement of responsible gambling.

Hoppers Club membership works 1

Hoppers Club is committed to providing and promoting gaming in a responsible manner and as a result a number of responsible gaming initiatives have been introduced to our venue.

Referral to a range of support services
The Play Safe limits Program 
A Self-Exclusion Program
Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

Hoppers Club membership works 1


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