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Weddings & Formal Event Packages

Selections for Plated Packages

Buffets are Perfect for Social Events


Cavery packages 1A


Buffet Dining

Buffet Dining

Buffet packages 2B


Cocktail Parties

Finger Foods

cocktail-parties- at Hoppers Club


Cocktail Parties

On Arrival

Chips and Nuts $10.00 per Table

Antipasto Platters $45.00 per Table

Duo of Dips $17.50 per Table

Chef’s selection of Canapés- 4 items $50.00 per Platter

Menu Alternatives

Green salad bowl $7.00 per head

Add a Platinum Menu Item $6.00 per head

Alternating Menu Item- Entrée or Dessert $3.00 per head

Additional Buffet Item $3.00 per head

Children’s 2 Course $9.95 per head

Children’s Carvery or Buffet- 4 to 12 years $9.95 per head

(children under 4- no charge)

Your cake individually served w Chantilly cream $1.50 per head

With Coffee

Australian Cheese Platter $27.50 per Table

Seasonal Fruit Platter $25.00 per Table

Option One – Add the Angoves Package to your Plated or Buffet Package for $25.00 per head

The Chalk Hill Blue Semillion Sauvignon Blanc

The Chalk Hill Blue Chardonnay

The Chalk Hill Blue Merlot Cabernet

The Chalk Hill Blue Sparkling

Carlton Draught

Carlton Light

Orange juice and soft drinks

Option Two – Pre-approved beverage tab

Tailor your own beverage selections to suit your budget. 

Option Three – Cash Bar 


Option Four – Tailored Package

We are more than happy to tailor a beverage package to suit your needs. 

Drink packages at Hoppers Club for weddings

Beverage Packages

Beverages packages at Hoppers Club 2A



Beverage Packages

Contact us to tailor a package for Your Event!


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