Members Draws for Hoppers Club 4

 Each week at the Hoppers Club

our hard working Staff

host exclusive Raffles & Competitions

to raise money for Local Charities

and to help the sub-clubs grow.


Come and join in the fun!

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If you want to be part of the fun and support the Local Charities and our sub-clubs, then make your way down to the Hoppers Club on Tuesday or Thursday nights for dinner, and don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket on your way in (the ticket sales are found as you walk into the Club, just before entry to the Bistro).


Remember you have to be present when the

raffle tickets are drawn in order to collect your Prize! 

Tuesday Members Draws for Hoppers Club 4  


Tuesday 26th March 2019 

Alettin Yelken

Shane Morris

Elizabeth Tewhaiti

Stephen Rees

Heather Speakman


 Next jackpot is $1000 drawn on

2nd April 2019


Thursday Members Draws for Hoppers Club 4



Thursday 28th March 2019

Kevin Hynes

Grace Barrie

Mary Curtain

Alfina Barone

Anita Matcott


Next Jackpot is $900 drawn on

4th April 2019

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The Hoppers Club sub-clubs are voluntarily managed.  They each have a committee and annual meetings where all members are invited to come and hear from the committee what the plans are for the following 12 months.  Joining fees are very low, some starting as low as $2 per year, and the sub-clubs need financial support to continue and thrive.  Therefore the Board at the Hoppers Club also dedicate one night each week to raising money for the sub-clubs.  This money is used by the sub-club managers to enhance the sub-club experience for their members with subsidised social events and equipment costs.

Remember you have to be present when the

raffle tickets are drawn in order to collect your Prize! 


Please note: 

You have to have your current financial member’s card with you to be eligible to collect the prize.

 Membership has its Benefits


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